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He put the resume donated donuts in the delivery of food delivery results unexpected

Graduation season Xiaopeng faithful to see the ~ also can not find the work of distress? Resilience of the sea can not respond to the taste of it ~
Today to introduce a senior, my brother powerful! The way people vote resume is too novel, the success rate is also high.
The little brother Lukas Yla dressed himself as a messenger, and then resume hidden in the donut box, and successfully delivered to the company's decision-makers before:

The little brother was originally living in Lithuania, and now moved to San Francisco to pursue his "American Dream", for which he had to find a new job in San Francisco. However, the little brother of the analysis, if and other competitors to fight a resume, that he certainly fight, but those who have had work experience in San Francisco, so to attract attention in the vast sea, he had to do something and others Not the same thing ~

This donut profile, the little brother has cast 40 copies, and now has received 10 interviews notice. It seems effective with ~

There is also a small brother who received the resume on the Internet that creative resumes like ~