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Hangzhou G20 summit,the Russian President Vladimir Putin Bring a Special Present:ICE CREAM

Hangzhou g20 Putin sent President Xi ice cream

Why would he think of ice cream to send Xi Jinping? This is because prior to the Russian Far East Economic Forum in the city Vladivostok held with Putin told Chinese entrepreneurs, Chinese people are very fond of eating ice cream in Russia, but Unfortunately, the Russian ice cream is not allowed to carry large quantities abroad, hope that this issue can be resolved. Putin heard very surprised, he said that he first heard about it. He also said that the next time he went to China, must bring a ice cream to President Xi, as a special gift. Russian media reported this news, that Putin just joking, did not these words seriously, never thought Putin himself seriously. At the summit, Putin Xi Jinping brought a box of ice cream as a gift.

When the Sino-Russian bilateral talks during the G20 summit held in Hangzhou began, Putin said that he had said to bring ice cream to President Xi, this time to bring a box as a gift. Xi Jinping expressed his thanks, also confirmed that the Chinese entrepreneurs on people like ice cream, then Russia is true. Western media issued a document on the matter, said a box of ice cream at the G20 summit, "warm" the Sino-Russian relations