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Mobile Food Cart TrailerMobile Food Cart TrailerMobile Food Cart Trailer

Mobile Food Cart Trailer

  • Food Cart Body Size:
  • 2300×1650×2300(mm)
  • 2300×2000×2300(mm)
  • 2800×1650×2300(mm)
  • 2800×2000×2300(mm)
  • Customized
  • Color:
  • White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green.
  • Customized
  • Standard Inside Configurations:
  • 1. Two stainless steel flat working platforms with cabinets underneath
  • 2. One top light, built-in cables and two sockets
  • 3. One stainless steel shelf on the back of the wall
  • Standard External Configurations:
  • 1. One Big Sales Window, one small side window with a small table can be laid down, one door with lock                   
  • 2. Four jacks on the chassis to fix the cart when needed                          
  • 3. Gas cylinder holder on the tow bar

Food Cart Material:

1. Double glass steel on each side of the cart body, with the features of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, fire resistance and fire resistance;

2. The cart body material is double deck steel plate, with the characteristics of anti-radiation (radiation is relatively small), good heat dissipation, fire resistance, recyclable and bright;

3. The cart bottom is embossing plate sprayed with double gold anti-rust paint, anti rust and anti-slip;

4. The internal working platform of the cart are all made of stainless steel, reject the inferior material and reduce the harm to the body


We can install kitchen applicances into the food cart for you, pls inform me your concrect requirements. Thank you!


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