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Thai fried ice cream roll origin

Thai fried ice cream when the rolls comes from Thailand, known as "Thai fried ice cream roll", "Thailand volume", it is from Henan Wenxiang Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd.  staff Barry Lee travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand, in the street to see occasional beverage shop to the project, after the relevant teacher in Thailand following the exchange of learning this project to the country.
Fried ice cream volume series of food color and diverse, nutritious, taste great, you can cool off, blood and fluid, will replace the traditional cold food, cold drinks lead the trend of the new century, the occupation of modern cold drink market.
When fresh milk met Mr. fresh fruit lady burst out the most delicious taste - Thai fried ice cream volume.
Thai ice cream, perfect:
Thai rolls hundred percent handmade ice cream, add a hundred percent fresh fruit, pure taste, high quality ice cream raw materials, heritage Thai exquisite craftsmanship, to bring new ideas to the delicious Chinese food lovers.
Natural ingredients, delicious and healthy: 

Fruit is to do, using different seasonal fruits, and a variety of ingredients angel perfect match, no additives, preservatives, taste fresh, delicious and more healthy, hot seasons, slimming health. .
Products rich in hot sections: Fried ice cream roll machine can produce a variety of fruit flavors o Thai fried ice cream roll
Thai fried ice cream roll all kinds of fruit flavors, each flavor has brought fruit juices of different colors, new sections unique flavor, consumers challenge the taste buds.
Delicious not expensive, ages one minute let down passing eating. . . .